Friday, May 18, 2012

Touloulou (Cheap Conceptual)

i love giveleap
think before
all godard social malkovich

malkovich malkovich
big ship explode

the little white girl
on the staircase with the donkey
her black ass in hebrew
i love giveleap the orchid drug

they steal the paintings
the captain goes down with the sh

godard written twice
i make it inside you
dirty pixel

P. Gonzalgo a toeshoe
smell it, marx foot
they steel the ships

i givelove leap
think outside
in colour malkovich

godard portuguese
not white girl or
ogre virus malkovich

her lips bigger
love hebrew dict
ate her malkovich

made off with more
godard caption
stubing captain

Isaac his son
so black so dark
vvork finished

the savage soul of Pascal
my own private
rotten tomato

her malkovich

is Beowulf afterwards

changeling gardens
of the night

Long goodbye:
Cintra, Almeida,
and Silveira

triple Malkovich


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