Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am dark, and I drive upon you hidden
within the tornadic presence of your own form,
mean and loose to purpose, the stream of knowing,
our father the purple cascading omen, gunshots
over a wasted valley, the yellow shriveled furs,
ten-fold the winking blurs, sinew to speed, and death
of the spark, flick, creek, massif, its all-stripe tomorrow
hath, this anger wither, and whither this anger goeth,
I breed into your death with the face of our father
as phallus, and turtle, and wolf-skull gushing rotten waters
washing the brain paste from the labyrinth your fingerprints
cloying of such magnetic perfume, I descend,

in wide pink radiant torment
pink saguaro photolith 
the revenant by proxy to your absolution
in metal cause

hard as stone
is the steel quickness of my accelerating accuracy
armor borne on firing internal skin works
my knowledge is as bleak 
as agility
as frail as eternity
and I come for you 
with all the fury and slow solar death
of gravity in purest ignorance
and I take from you what is mine

your miserable stinking life!

I am Pistol Pete!

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