Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fruit mûr à la chair ferme [sama hetoimasia]

our fruit demurs on the chair of the firmament
a single Anth(r)ocyanin star brought down
to rest in rests by a chain

figured as vertebral zikr
whose laterally branching
components of Seamanite verbs

relate the same inestimable physical totality
of latent invocation through their
arrangement of magnetic rare-earth i(rr)ons,

and like the music of Chopin encoded
through a curling vibrile cut-crystal Megastrobilus,
the figure of constructive memory

is not a star that dwells apart,
but something ever being brought down
in charm'd magic casements

templum / figure / being
inscribed by no visible mark
of the lituus-language in the heavens
or on the foam of perilous seas

but only be movements
caught up in the melody
of the universal phanerophuein

all anacampserote
sense awarded
to bizarre distinction
(mirabile dictu)...

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