Friday, May 25, 2012

Zizyphus Lotus (Be Nature Dumb?)

Lake for mare
And light for Sheriff,
The twin mangled mullions
Leg along the wide plain
Cut by scrawled elms, and
The extra bodies,

Now anxiously dovetailed
Into softly sanctioned sands,
Seem as music rising
While the living sun
Must sink, as the search
Term, poison perahera,

And then the mare drinks.
Olga looks upon
The Map of Love,
But only where no tires
Roll, only where
Mohammed Sharif

And the Rippocks
Spur, and scry
Among the oval canyons,
And the good Sheriff
Of Nottingham muses
In irrational hypothesis
Around the lake, in robes
Made of screeds:

Let Prester John (of the wilderness)
Perform the spanking
Of the Mongolian women,
Having scruzed out of his
Carrion course, the
Lothfull life of letters.

[and there he rolled out the rhesis
and wielded its golden length.]

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