Monday, May 21, 2012

Its Unexplained Occurs.

Secession Hall.

The yard suddenly grown up,
but the heat, the new daily heat increasing,

a nature shorn.

Autonomy enthrall.

The language suddenly grown up,
outgrown by the physical heat, the sacrificial
victims, wearing their own unique costumes,
the camouflage toward a unique universal,

a nature shorn.

paradox totalizing.

Along the stoa, where strawberries humming in their red,
where whispers humming in their shells, in groups, for groups
as aggregate soil, as soil toward a unique camouglot.

The El facing dissolution thusly: | _

And thysly: A hand signalling halt, and a hand singalling lo,

this food, the universal paradoxical gift, beyond its past into which,
that birth, that only at birth, does community, as the universal unique

frozen piss magnet.
Igor. Kant. Klimt. Show.

Summer, her back turned to face us.
The old man, chilly on the beach,
his gigantic body, wholly


the largest sphere, sporting twin curving conical horns, the center of which (as an implicit circular circuit) lie along an equator, and whose tips lie above the same equator, and which clasp, by a similar method to the setting of gemstones, a smaller sphere, which replicates the largest sphere, but whose horns and subsequent sphere set lie along a perpendiculat axis or equator.

Geommunity confer.
Commutativity engenders narrative within the aggravated and universal unique
as the paradoxacal rewriting of modus ponendo ponens as

the 'modesty' of 'a poem overturned' is 'poems',

and further->                                   

pic res spur,
o curse...

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