Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eric Satie Log Kok Ku

cat[b]a fair noco
l ina docom
Raw Sea Mouse Child

gansigt gasps piu
azioni azuri poviri
rempo docom longphuirt
zitterblase flowering lard

Curio do breitfh
ina eccrnais fein
sagaribobo hexenfuss
irogoto phantapus

 robudh chonach gan cheol stern
wuermer ketso o fukya
ed ad-c[h]ualamair-ne
black goose-high upwarp

frog on a hill (very sticky!)
may not tread on
seriously cool namako
spricht : Щ рШ! щ

cat-like purring
from inside the dried foetuses
all-doory and gold
in pickled black magic

science gossip hypopus
lynx-eyed acupuncture
to practice pale yellow
tactile hairs

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