Wednesday, May 30, 2012

fate around a tangle

gleub yop tarly
at first the muscle comes
to its purple eye
then the rag is squeezed out

and waver green genies
and dance starch collars

humble foon
to this thin shrinking rivulet
a drinking cavern cunnings
to your throb base
in the o sane

that glub in sound emblem
as flanked by hurtling
the gnarled and rocketing scree
whose edges

but perhaps
the hardest yellows
the glossy fungus under a single chip
the way each grey ivem

that tarly parch
in purple cones
over rectanguloist wringles
inside to fever the ball

chopped spooks in a gypsy's
scryer the graiae florn by pyramidical
querela, fonsook, that its
theme were not the tender
rendering of names

clash the pi-lightning
to the pekoe teedy
lap runt its polar pondelay

themes which joined to life
in abundance
but thunder
would fast
its liquid
to fuse

twists go all out
in receiving the boom
and slag crunches
the husk in a hollow room

ecstatic beds
take now your turn
to suckle
in the cool random order

image by Stephen Cefalo

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