Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Resurrecting Kooks By Candlelight

"Prandy was the best menstruum for onions and sheese." 
-Tobias Smollett, The Adventures of Roderick Random.

What reason
to revenant those, these,
resonant (theose) chains?

Why read him?

A few leery green winged lemurs
carelessly circumumbulate
the fountain of pearls;
each pearl slicked with some
fragrant oil, no doubt, of
herpetological origins,
lavished in lavender
by luminous provender.

There is, of course, the
temptation to regulize
the meddle, to wan the
Herrenvolkish foil
its pruinose gannok
w/ keen and tuilyier tusks,

And so all reading
a resurrection, a reflexion,
and the reader, a final
miracle, but what
possible Hudibrass
could a kook's languor

Aye, world a butkin
in lithe gigantism,
for all over the tree,
strange arcs convey
the seedling's arch
translucent organs.

What indulgence?
His best rhyme
was Cathar to
Catarrh, which
flowed down
purely enough,
but figure, go.

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