Monday, August 6, 2012

a music for everyday stinky dogs

through the maze of infernal claquedent
i led the spaniel on, freshly washed, the ear yeast gone, and
so, the bad bunny rode, sun pants Sarrazin with a donkey's head
and the poet of olives inside a camel, the street BYURLO!

but who strode through the woods
in the memoirs of an indiscreet bullfinch

a little chicken on a stick

this medieval astronaut's tavern...
these sententious tents of toilet paper hours..

now that the dog is smelling better
I can sit down to the piano
eat a Reuben sandwich
lift some weights

arras of all buildings made letter
spirit houses
houses for tiny fairies

and piano house
where the tiny bearded man lives
eating cat tails, and burnishing brass spittoons

there he goes across the keys
throwing ice to the scarecrows
and shitting off a cliff
and yodelling


and writing the song
whose marbled blue meat
is the desharapado of fauns
whose crotches
must be yeasty he thinks
living in the mirlitons
in May

when the revolutions blossom
like pea flowers
with golden chains

while eunuchs dance around
with fake chayote for balls
a music for everyday


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