Friday, August 24, 2012

From "Glory" (CD BABY COMPANION) Downloading At The River

Wandering Prelude:

1. Breathless 2. Pantomime
3. The False Attribution 4. Nearly Awakened  
5. Tiny Hands, Big Ideas 6. Emboldened/My Dreams Perish  
7. With A Lazy Smile 8. I Blink And She's Gone  
9. We Step Across 10. Like Perfume  
11. Handsome. The Spineless 12. Laurel  
13. She's By The Window 14. Angels Alight  
15. She Has The Glassy Thighs 16. Breathless  
17. And Then I Alone Am Alone 18. In Delius' Sleep


Eno foglets. Rainbow hornet's nest sheltered in azure veils of interlinking
ants of crunchy ambergris. Seascapes littered with transparent nudes interrupted
by gazelles of iridescent foam. The moon filled up by lavender koalas.

Petite Shoe:

A cadence on the wind
reveals its premonition rag
and the return of the ancestors commences
as the ascending whale dreams
a magic knot waltz by a circle of wolves
at land's end


The discovery 
of the orchestra of Tao
riding the Westerleys
resonant resources
the final beast of interplay
of ceremonies
pageants and celebrations
journeys on the winds of time
three inverse genera
butterfly's dream
spirit of peace
hymns from a great temple

all in twilight

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