Monday, August 13, 2012


niaincs who live in small enclosed cham- bers, head bowed, eyes waves a feather fingers. Gela is all the more comical than the result of these writings, early or feverish, remains generally unknown. J ^ s men per- sévèrent long. More practical, women wish toucherrapidement order. Each Nouve ' editor, each new magazine, each new newspaper come to see them martyrs of Hope literary admit drawers hold in the dozens of unpublished novels. It is very rare the fcwnmes are also stubborn, but as the number of those who write these increases without "e, the time is coming when, as little as favored lumen, they will have to wait and grow old in weeping over the harvests of their genius peace's peaches and herbs and cream

image by Nathalie Djurberg

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