Wednesday, August 8, 2012

kykeon never wane, setzling game, and ardent murall'd

comic awe
the sensitive tip
when mules come curtsy to the pyramid's
power dusting mold
what peak restores
its slave
its stepped kindness
lived in fury before a definition
in many copies or attempts
that no ideal be expressed

by the small of its back country
caring that every limb must thread
through the central sucking hole
toward mystery unbound
and chain Prometheus ' eye
to a dark and interior fire
its elegiac gloaming
and broad stomping
talon breeze
the teased out wheeze
where flowing kyes the ease
a slang of riddlers like fleas
harangue the boning

sublime mischance
its volpone prancing tongue
will touch where the pouch
in its rust and geld
and boiled in fevers give
a clasp of curdled mirrors
and reflect each surface
has a multiple view
and absorbs you into
the circle with Petalocerous

every head is serious and silver
in the comely baking brake
that green oven's cool and open nacre
bending slender to the feign
and rigid topos floating seine
being and time a sign
of a net whose cast
rigs up a tone
hie kye to the mystai
and the ergonomic thread
passed through its strange bed
and to the grain of its head
a spewing a spy

and held a giant mask
before the sun
so that the holes
would suffer glory
to our fame
which shone

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