Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Humber Light Reconnaissance Car

down the alley, and in the quiet
umber morning lights, where it
traced the squirrel's trail to nutting
sun burnt where the city
hung its puss
from the pan

or if its path led from gasps to grog
or grasping nothing in the interim
with its fears or the blossom whose
bella donna


shake snipe
or tin a brodie
to blow
its trout wig wander


or bindle punked breath to twist
the berries bangtail dawn

ameche telephone

the alexander gram
for its bell rubber flowing go
on with boob mastadon
to ape heist chandelier
craned labyrinthwise
to box job the feather

its will against night
the thorough broderick companions
clean sneak clammed and finding
snout hinkying on all eight's quorum
of skree
the pages
nape a creepjoint and shine thee
to throw a Joe
into a wooden kimono
yapwise in its wikiup
for wheats
and vigorish bandage

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