Sunday, August 5, 2012

preening gleeful gossip's jaun, and jiggering the knur

boon gut flint in eistra hid
pelt slit doorway pitched
where the yawbone's verity
fulgor'd enucleation

wyoming en plynth
or the very word of its
busy mouth
pondulous at the behest
carnaptious stone
to meat eye's place-holding
hominem and chasuble

what, dut what oata em
and slew the musk of its
in turned face to preach
its slow argument against
the theme of necessity
and defalce the inner macrocosm
where neshness nyd-bedrip
for ombre orang-outang
the rectus season of the smirchlings
unconcluding and wardwite
as yeoman of the hirundinous

dit bot after ullo mit swoll
neotomy fairy-tail grappier
to ciment fondu
Robinsonade my namesake cloven
tillet waff warp while
gold inhume limnology
this lucent lust mellowing
in the navel of nenuphar
its spectral sun tear
never-dying pleasance
the trance trellis of youth
almagra come arson Bacchus
beech bell smoldering before the circus
chop chug cold in elution
all fellages
upon a daily festus

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