Wednesday, August 15, 2012

grafting post-conceptacle trumors

"Shadows bloody gallery funeral pro-
digestion, wonderful events, appearances noctur-
ties, terrible dreams, mysterious crimes, phe-
terrible phenomena, historical packages, cadaure ^
mobile \ Ries and bloody animated revenge
and combinations of atrocious crime, etc.. Collection pro-
first to cause the strong emotions of terror. "

Instead of chapters, the book is divided Others
"Shadows". The seventh shadows are titled:
"The fake monk, or the bloody head and mobile
true story. "The frontispiece, which is a gra-
vure in mezzotint, depicts a young
woman reading in bed and suddenly terrified
apparitions or visions. A kind of crocodile
dile climbs blankets. Above
the head of the lady a hand advances between the ri-
deaux, holding a dagger. All kinds of animals
great stir in the room. At the bottom of
prints we see an hourglass, a false, osse-
ments, a skull and crossbones, swords and pistols.
This woman represents quite well the reader
of that time, before falling asleep flipping a
book "to give her own strong emotions of
terror ', t Heir Biraffue, for example. 
the only hipster in Montenegro is on
the loose / lake priests gather to revenge
in the odd jowled wind

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