Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ronnie Ronnie, She-Panther...

Oh yes, it is a little odd I guess, but they treat us very well on the whole, and even a little better than the natural borns in certain circumstances; we are taken care of. And if you like the work, and it is simple by design, then, it isn't a bad life at all. For instance, and maybe it was the whole clade of us Ronald Reagan clones, maybe 500 of us, and we were on a paid vacation, doing only a little classroom work in the countryside, and they took us to one of the new holo-enormitron sculptural cinema reconstructions, the Japanese called them Roboto Bigshow, and I have no idea how it's made, you see, maybe a hologram pattern can be addressed and nanobots dynamically fill in, something like that, anyway. you sit out in the film. Well, we had gone to see Akira Kurosawa's Drunken Angel, a film I wasn't at all familiar with, but we were told that Ronald Reagan loved the work especially, and had met Kurosawa, but none of us remembered that, and we were Ronald Reagan, but the movie was wonderful. I totally recall liking Shizuko Kasagi's song where she growls I'm a she-panther, waoooow.. Like that. That just really got into my spine, my goodness. Well, the thinking goes, we're supposed to teach ironically, by being who we were cloned from, but we're people too, so it's easy enough to read a wiki and get the history of the thing. I guess we could've done better by the Japanese, that bombing thing, but that's almost 400 years ago now. We're all in wonder at this point, sitting in the hairline of a 350 ft tall Toshiro Mifune robo-holo watching Shizuko Kasagi sing. That's what I'll take home! And the faces of all the bright country children when we teach them about the horrors of alcohol and drug addiction, and about the terrible times of the past, and how tragedy can sometimes build a happy future anyway, or what we all now call strange growth process. It all just makes a Ronnie proud... I am a she-panther! Still can't get that out of my mind... The Nancys enjoyed that too!

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