Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Postcards from Moogaland

And you are from Moogaland
your Thoreau like a gorilla hand
and mooga mooga mooga

And Seneca has his tub
carved as a gorilla face
and odd-shaped bits of goat hide
hung all over the place
and mooga mooga mooga

and dirty dancing is on the throne
with septum and bone
the piercing cry we feel
and Hackles at the wheel
and moo moo mooga mooga mooga

chairs are like dimples
on a wedding
and in Moogaland
people are hands
for chairs
mooga mooga

don't drink the monkeys
don't eat the boots
don't wry the yellowed ivories
they're all in cahoots
with the grunting warlord
of Moogaland

A big man
who has many big fevers
and Moogaland is a fever
an oven baking fevers into
polynesian choral

the umbrella of Cher-borg
and assimilated

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