Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ricardo Montalban, Lead Singer of LOVE

broken mead vendor
one package of slime
and picture ads
for the Chrysler Cordoba

Corinthian leathermen
fisting Charlton Heston
real-dolls on the green-screen
set of Anomalies, a new reality show
which picks up on the set
of Barbarella

from then on
It's Creeley as the mad queen
wearing an eyepatch
pretty pretty
i'm vice consul
to a bulldog caterpillar
smoking a hooka

virus libre

maybe we're stuck here
selling glass eyes and junk
to Khan's men on the planet's
waiting for the worms
to stop mining our skulls
for quaternion blowjobs

it is in the spirit
of Saragossa that I begin here
rows of cold ivory cellphones
glowing blue in the cave
a few prayers to Cordoba
and bronzed leather

many of your themes
are in the family way
grunting and barking
with everyone else
at NoirCon 2009

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