Friday, August 24, 2012

I am very happy

to offer now this subscript to my small text on Grotesque Nihilism, and would like to count Roger Caillois as a progenitor in the naming, identification, and clarification of syntaxis. Notice here Caillois' concept of an instinct d'abandon , and his inertia of the elan vital, both of which I would say go a long way towards materializing a positive link both with syntaxis, and as the author of the introduction states, between Caillois and the more more generally known German Romantic Naturphilosophie, which I would go further and claim as part of the atmosphere regulating the entry of Uexkull's theory of the Umwelt, and the subsequent discipline of Biosemiotics.

Caillois points exactly to the crossroads of syntaxis as a historico-materialist conception when he correctly identifies both structure and reason as phantasmatic processes. Syntaxis pays homage to his use of the praying mantis metaphor, and to his work Mimicry and Legendary Psychaesthenia which processes biosemiosis as a constructionism based in ornamental delirium, a luxurious horror vacui, and blurry plurimpopotent polyplenism.. And most interestingly gives us a possible theory of art as teleplasty!

I recommend Roger Caillois into the Canon of Grotesque Nihilism! And Jeannine Worms as well,
but I am not familiar with her!

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