Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carved Turquoise Charlton Heston Cellphone Nipples

craniac brittle lumen
the photon sized skulls bouncing
from the surface in cascades
of massless abandon
all hope ye who Horton
cannonballs by alligator

tiny skulls
fitted over your nipple eye balls
surface brittle stinging
abandon all hallmark
greeting lumens

they are the lens of my company
they are the shadrack fondling
alligator nipple clips
wearing skull masks as white as snow
and the mask
is backward

the cannon inhales
my balls
Charlton Heston as Charon
riding an alligator gondola / styx style

whose golden coin
carries the image of a skull
on one side
and a snake coiling about
an olive branch on the other?

these nipples of blinding light
these folding bird skull origami
to decorate the snow white albino alligator

hallmark greeting
black mask
covers a foaming amoeba
of green nipples

the shadrack of my fondling
the Charlton Heston-faced django-handed sloth
who hangs from ivy-furred stone testicles
wearing a velvet gondola hat
whose tiny Moses doll
sits upright
showing two sweet raspberry nipples
of polished porphyry

lungfish doing beatbox
on the banks of the river styx
still singing of craniac brittle lumen
atop steles of castaway cork
bobbing among lurid caprine aquaphones

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