Sunday, August 5, 2012

plagg ( slagg ( ragg ( gagg( nuck nuce ooboo

nuck nuce listless
in the barn, traipsing toward
its modernist fantasy
a high sloven cave with a pier of glass
like prism jutting out
the promenade so that any horizon may be possible
in some form even the high patio at the end of the pier
on top to blunt and remain
sitting there looking up to the rest of the mountain
seeing only the peek
and secure in the foundation
that the pilings the heavy dugs went deep into the rock
faith that this tongue cannot falter

this bu ilt and no ble plac e is tra nspar ent

a worm's gut cut
out of burnt sand


its ruse the hardy hello unto a sweetness of animal hands
foaming their corybantic ores
beyond ethos

and there goes its bikini, tray and glans,
there goes its communications implement
its sac or velvet temple to the odd

for perhaps there is a giant velvet shell
a yaksha independent sensory-deprivation
a table for lunch
above the valley

cold cuts or drinks, or stains that bleat
if news for some
recountenant well blother

and mist is sloppy thru these parts
the weather a perfected theater of formal nodes

how do we construct the prism analog pier
so that during the monsoon season
a rainboa general effect proclude

the cock-headed snake
from out its lotus

today a workman was injured at the press
and an official remained conscious
of her specific duties

tiny bowls of spices line an area
where hot fresh meats are brought
and the path up there wasn't easy to cut either

its was also hard to remove
the wayward parachute

its skeleton
VCR the ducking

might pace its groan
here we grid the undertoe
and the overfinger

the spirit scribble
be its house in luck

nuck nuce
gamblers fall
throu the cork screwing

our lovely cave
now called a game preserve

patties on the hot iron mandible toothed

patty molar piano
mist sun nucking puce

This prism pier hooz is your placental furniture filter!

ornery ornaments of 11,
hellheaven, where abstraction's linger
gets its stripe with a crook
of NUC.

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