Friday, August 31, 2012

Brochen Shells

The Scuba Coach: I have breathed enough clean air over the centuries to know when I am being poisoned. The mass, and the masses of thinking atmosphere which are in turbulence here have turned, and the prevailing system, the system of the very air we breathe, the air that our buildings breathe, and that our bodies inhabit, is one of Dämmerzustände. It is no longer an armor of egotism which is needed, but rather a memic wetsuit, rendering its wearer invisible to the zombi ideologues, so that the juggernaut of moleculairity can be approached with the necessary and subtle attention needed to comprehend its all pervading background complexity. The stupidities of the memic wars have made it necessary for the Scubans to create their own pure air whose only model can be primality, and to sea the world as a tourbulens of chemical organization, a lung lens whose light reveals all blindness, weather in a dark cloud. The present uniquely defines precipitation, but the weather cults are chanting and stamping their feet. Our equipment is sound, we withdraw from the sleepers in their feral toil. In 2012, the 'bio-anneal' phase begins. (Buy Oneill.) Protect your tanks!

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