Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oral Minne, Future Feute

image death fantod
wherein the timbre's
tenebrous dotage
was held tenible
to the lurch
as churlish eutectic
metogeny gaming
a preamble to fold
abat-jure and abjure
into periodyssey.

pseudomorphic specimen
wherein the member's
membranous dorsal
is held liable
for the friable
the final form
the original
whose only
was once
to perception,
an avid tenesmus,
c'est oui (cestui).

cursed daze!
dahez he had none of
that which is full
in the construction
of its vowell eclogite
a stele whose body
stores thoughtful
energy, and manages
its named as epidotes
henged to adore.

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