Wednesday, August 22, 2012

geeking on jon hassel

among the hull of its bleating

eloquent disgorge

heat sun water surface convey

there the carapace of its many heroes to
instrument its cry

sense favored
and among its curving gesture monstrance

where garden once walked
the proud hatted inside the storm

wild mute decay
no own stone overtone

journeys whirlwind tongue severed return
this home

collapsed beak of yellowed days
divan sojourn of lovers

mist tied
face secret to claim its obdurate tithe
schismatic fission of hosts

reside close to the meniscus hide
in secules teeming inexplicable

student rabulane
the timbre barque ensue

in thin red crystals
the raccommode clutches
drum shelter

shunting notorious trunks
the electorate humming
through wavy penal bars

accidents coil
charm of chimed buntline
before the dawn

its miserable smile
bunya bunya

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