Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Curated By Naupactula Figge Myrmecidea

ignobellini corvette
prim gallant
and kudose to ewer
let vinegar hover
into blankets
where the sea cooled
seahorses blend
with our curly
ornamental ironworks

in lucid transformation
all holy
like Italians
steadfast deaf in luck
becoming crass
beyond the gentle hillocks
salmon slung over their shoulders
making for the snowline
where the path picks up
its chirtlings

oh swill swallow
whose caviar has filled
my corvette
whose open sourcing nostrils
are flared upon embattled remains
their copy written Danube
with Etruscans showing
like hips flipped in girders

ecclesiastical shoe
corvette mute
rigged with terrible flowing
and caviar

gooned gerked
and geeked into busts
to line the plaza's

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