Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scotch Tape Replace Doll head

"Yorick Without Rigor"

ibidiah toe clock
the curtain of fungi rattles
cause reference
to enact the inexorable collapsing
bridge before
sing bridge
circuit, and by sloth
the letter as a sponge
ibidiah in foot boxes
hide-a-bye wedge
where wedge by hammer headache
as locusts embroidered on a velvet wrinkle
Shakespeare eat the dugong
and peer out from the rushing gills
of the catfish
shrunken heads for eyeballs
like raisins
dull and amber
the mineral in clover
Pietro Coccoluto Ferrigni
hulking steam of mountain pepper
clean your toe clock with a quill
in hagiolectic deliveries
the ink make a slurping
in the laundry
thumbs be two sparrows
in a porch kissed
for wanton rules
violent is italy
for wooden legs

awaking foster parents
ears fetching
in jerkins of gravy
to be or not to be
why or ich?

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