Saturday, August 11, 2012

johntree spime elton sphere cousins

in elton
john is roundtree
and landspime

wail all ball tree chain to glass anal ogg
verb is
too wayne
john spheretree habile thumbroot
and seizure
of final face forms

in masque
is elton
cave piano fish brandy allure
longfinger diving well
foam hole
where roundtree supp

endless branching thumbs
in elton
its face john rudimentalese tail bone treeball mass

branching cranial tree leash
and she leached
he leached

helium microsac innocents
their floating babyfeet earscrotabeans
helen of boy
elton whale hole chest survample
glass eye
and toga detain

its face toga detain
white yeti police
with bald pink genital pianos
flashing badges

spherical brass tree eye wheels
skull foot sap trade vehicle
for total john sequencing

landspime detain

picture of rusting drums

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