Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sad Moments For My Cat

stuck sample
sordid stock
sucking stamps to the back of the head

quiet the nerve

a slow burning candle kisses the dark
and warming the rim of the bell

whose jollop long fled to skin inclinamen
heart('s) medicine

end of summer pod
pod period
pod posit

warm hands on bell
and cuddle elderly cat
my friend of 20 years
whose final days it seems
are best spent sleeping
by the bathtub
on a special brown mat

and this unconscious structure
like a diagram of the womb

soft brown pad placenta
and tub where she goes
from time to time to drink
eschewing all bowls and think
and walking in the waters
to damp the paws
then laying down again
her skeletal form now
breathing harder
at any expenditure

her supper brought to her
still purr when picked up
still quiet when cuddle
still sleep during day
during night

always asleep
always knowing
and blind
her last circuit
between her bathroom
and ours
ours become her bedroom
her womb tub

she Senecat
and noble roamin' tiger

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