Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a shower built in abstract tufa

lake clain fline
transparent tortoise hover
and rope ladders
to make the body
a liar

clan will
its ineluctable class room
a variant of lava chair
or hair slide

for after it was
was born
it had to crawl through the scrum
to be a bread knight
in bread armor

ma slipper pokey
candle on a sheep's sly
that cracked pepper tiara
said what even in plesiosarr

keep its elegANT

not the grasshopper diogenes
sunning itself on an okra leaf

it's all bookmarked anyway
skunks and squirrels
spy the four pound

lapis brain
hovering in a sphere of water
as in

"piss christ martini"
or Rolando to quell
sticky beard
where Circe build boats
from bomes

that dates chagrin
with a butcher's license


  1. this makes me want to explore ruins and check out gophers. on it!

  2. just changing Roland to Rolando, a hybrid of Roland and Orlando..


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