Thursday, October 18, 2012


A Kentucky-Fried BMW Colonel Angus Mini-Me Thanksgiving Day Macy's parade giant balloon robot in the grand manner of Ghost Buster's Michelin Stay Puft Marshmallow man does something nasty in a city (buh-yadda), but what's interesting is how he does it this time. Instead of just stomping around in Ubber-Supernatural Black Sabbath Faerie boots, this time, his entire body is filled with Gogol-constellated swarms of militarized q-dot nano-mites which he exhales like a dragon pretending to be Aladdin's lamp holding his tiny pinky up to the corner of his mouth when he's done and burping prodigiously like Gargantua. "Parr-Iss, Jack" he says, 'Just for fun..' and then "Klatew Estrada Nixon," as he watches them boogers run, he too, takes the time to stomp a few, looking buh-churlish as the city goes all blue Swiss cottage cheese cut with veins of hyper-intelligent orkin morkin gogol swarmin' chat scat nanobots.. But Keanu is there, not to stop him, no, to JOIN HIM! as NEO DR. EVIL, dressed in sumthin- sumthin' hyper-Kevlar Nehru suit, saying some buh-yadda like: "This is for Fast Times at Ridgemont High Times Hanna Barbarian Rajaniemi.." And: "H.R.J.R.J.R.R. Tokeyin Gonna Puff my stuff right up, Get it straight Sue Ellen Napoleon DynoMITEY!.." and sit up straight on Kentucky-Fried BMW Colonel Angus Mini-Me Thanksgiving Day Macy's parade giant balloon robot's shoulder in the grand manner of Captain Flint the parrot of Long John Silver, or Jabba the Hutt's Kowakian monkey-lizard jester, Salacious B. Crumb. And some of the many of the nanobots are going snarkemergent, see, and taking the shape of big-legged women, pin-heads, and bone-thru-the-nose booga-boogers, and some Alice the Geek too, smoking vaguely video tissue spinach, and all the while, Keanu cackling like Salacious, "AAAHH HAHAHAH Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" his data ports looking like big old hairy moles, like something you'd see in a Mexican disco in Guadalajara where giant mole comparisons are quite common as a form of Machismo (buh-yadda-yadda ala nano-nono-Pantagruelina).. Isn't it odd how Derrida chose Plato's Pharmacy, but Neo, Rabelais? The herb "pantagruelion" in Rabelais's epic Gargantua and Pantagruel was identified as marijuana as far back as 1854, by M. Leon (El Satanico) LeFay in his monograph "Rabelais, botaniste" (Angers, 1854). LeFay pointed out that Rabelais's description of "pantagruelion" is not only botanically accurate [mostly], but "as full of life as the herb itself." "I AM WHAT I AM," Bellows Mini-Me and revvs his excellent German engine'd cooling fan arrays contemplating cellphone service among the canyons of crumbling detritus.. "HODKOAH," squeals Salacious Neo Crumb, "I AM YO FOZZER, LUKE" [I'd give a dollar for that..]

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