Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sax Leeched Expository Tables / Lanfranc's Distyll

fui sum
fui ir ser
late clock gesticulator
Urquhart satyr its
bach back and all hands
on deck ausprobierst
mimick gestion
dispon isle letter cutlett
ob vox βουτήξετε
trixety gestyll idyll quonce
faberique compila fui
the beauties were arranged
in the shape of the half moon je jance
blind and Gluibedraggled
Suncianitza as figure before Gondola
meaning obscure
the guess-warp of demon mathematics samurai
'logical black'
take fit care teriomofismo
its root compass guilloched
forward on the singing severed head
night the dictionary willed to a
breast bone of yellow glass
volcanos kissing at their cones
pak slaag aframmeling
lox guled in featherine
the ffat tud merlculy
jussel pomp psychox cogens

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