Thursday, October 18, 2012

Untitled Mini-Series

there in the thin din which
constitutes the morning
azure surround a lone
and stranded night bat
left over on a high leafless twig
a pigeon and a cardinal dig
querulous concerned
for their mammalian luther
goncourts acorn helmet
the mass the chalice
the bamboo lurmuring dark
quang fo
all halls of ribboned dendrites
consuming up
twisted wire pairs shower
telescope what cotton
structure finite dredge
galactose fedge
bat's head sculpted
out of colored butter
the small altar of its mouth hold
tender newtonian grub
al qub and cubit
Moses of Nihilist Communism
a dancing bear
bare legged
the white mantis perches
on the butter bat's head
in absolution
the grub glossy egg yolk earth
a spy
named by early cries
oh bat weary in wonder
your robin joker
to the superman who cometh
Zarathustra hollow like a bell
a bat's head bell
ringing o'er all hell
or heaven to garden
its range or deranging values
and curlew fecund its bundle of rods
what kind philander philtre's size
would cave in shadow batting freely
Oh mild damnation
and torrent cool
there is a horoscope
for milkmaids and pesticides
and the world turned upside down
in carnival repair the dream
a cavern of fire in horpyd
hushed by twangy reeds
savage life indeed
earth crysalis bat slumber
and caption
Oh Horopito
Thou art Maori
and Addams' family
fey seas
and dipeshbabu's shamoy-gronthi
time knots
with french powders
now leaves
let its Aenis
bitter fruit
and say
a golden hunchback steal
the worm and bathead

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