Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DeChirico's Re-Inflatable Balloon Heads

Into the closed air of the slow
silent dwarves' chalice
now she guards fleet drifts
in a temple of  gentle fear
to pleasant strains of haze
the withering weathers of
each tree that stands alone in
stillness as if  drunk
in the Parthenon where Snow
White sleeps among the vast
salt deserts of  Johann Strauss 
in an angry tidal wave melodic
signs of polytonic breezes gathering
shimmering velvet red in the trembling
afternoon the cherrywood cobblestones
a dark trance of plush palace romances
of rainy Harum-scarum

Into the closed lair of the slowly
curving chalice of hair such
silent dwarves hang swinging
their ropes to string a lyre
before their bodies reach
the pyre and the awakened
no longer Snow White
but Ink Black and
flowing like a liquid ghost
through columns thin as reeds
and ascending and descending
simultaneously come to visit
leaf nib and root nib both
and no names there anymore
only structures remain the jokes
that structures name or the jokes
that name structure with structure
in the terembuling aftunboon
stillrunk ed toon lyrelay pilushia
huruma ska caluma na ra-eeni
clo ra-eeny mo and harima ma
ang ro lie

O dwarf in your raft alone
in blue danubes
dressed in Arabian breezes too

O dwarf pass on by
this crystalline syringe parthenon of ink amoeba jesters
nib bells bratislava all over hovering sand cubes
lyre slicing sand cube
dwarf drowning sand cube
in blue danube

Wonderwoman arriving at the transparent temple
in her transparent jet

wearing only
a golden thread
her duty to begin
the furry faced little priest dwarves

so insistent
the world needs a laurel
of supplement-free phallacy
to sit upon the head of Zeus Pollock
as he urinates Ink Black
on the forehead of Peggy Guggenheim Leda
who sits silent and rapt
in the fiction of meaning's

S wan as cuttle
and strobing gently
to carotid spoons
DeChirico's Re-Inflatable
heads off with
Mike Fink in the endless

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