Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In the Empire of Revolutionaries

They sit in air-conditioned condos
decrying the state of the world;
you know who they are,
but the population's growing.

In the Empire of Revolutionaries,
they may not drive, but
they may take a bus to the place
where they teach us
that progress isn't just
more people.

that even though there's more people
than last year, or the year before,
and that the crime rate is going down
they say, what we need is more

and on main stream television, they are showing
a documentary on the fact that,
the crime rate went down
when abortion was legalized.

Doug Stanhope is on Showtime.

In the Empire of the Revolutionaries
is a valid option for revolutionary contemplation,
while the other option, of just not making
an unwanted child, or even perhaps,
curtailing the creation of a wanted one
is never discussed.

So I ask the Revolutionaries, which is easier?
To try to wrench the money and compassion
from the rich, or to simply stop making children.

If the products the rich make their money from
are bought by the poor, then doesn't it stand to
reason, that the less poor there are, the less rich
the rich will be?

That seems to me to be the only empirically revolutionary
idea I've seen, because the rich are going to stay rich
as long as people buy their things.
And I am sorry, but that is how capitalism actually works.
Companies fail when their products go unloved.

I know, because I was never allowed
into the Empire of Revolutionaries.

My products were not designed to denigrate the rich,
but all human kind equally,

as beautiful absurd bacteria castles
whistling idiotically

in the great void and expanse
of infinite and ancient nature.

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