Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In Surcote Clad

and the bird
to hang up its fang
and go down to the garden
to let the whistle
will from the feather
penning pursue

drunk on the sobering notion
and picturing Lear appearing
to the Gegs

all water color birds
these trees have arms
and keep me safe
that sun if projectile
our land hung

but fang (my picture)
of Lear, my memory palace
through whistle
the feather tree armed
penning purpose
will parse

all bane
but any
bon mote
no colors or crest
but subdue

garden spoken here
where neighbors flen-flew
abacus abandoner
fin small dependent's
canvas regular mode

fang aethogen garden to space
to dagger well the heap
awending this trail too

auger brief care
lick line nag
and negotiate
nutty razoo

a skerrick's cant
in fatal daze

darling kindle
a roaming
and the will of tribe
as morning

F lays
meno mosso
where the bird fang enters the stew
perse Perseus


Bacchus Survivor--In the Ruined Garden of an Old Chateau 
by Clagget Wilson

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