Monday, October 29, 2012

Farrah-Wife Go Back to Gling!

The ancestor Dong-gsum Mi-la sngon-mo, born miraculously, kills a nine-headed ogre, from whose body the land of gLing is born. He fathers eighteen heroes who arrive in gLing. dBang-po rgya-bzhin, choses his youngest son, Don-grub to rule gLing. Dying, he is reborn as a bird, and then as Gog-bzang lha-mo, and is called Kesar/Kyesar. Kesar married Brug-gu-ma ('a fragment of grain') and becomes king of gLing. Kesar journeys to China where he marries the emperor's daughter, 'g.Yu'i dKon-mchog-ma. Kesar defeats the giants of the north, assisted by the giant's wife Dze-mo.' While he is away, the King of Hor kidnaps his wife 'Brug-gu-ma. On his return, Kesar vanquishes the King of Hor, and brings his wife back to gLing.

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