Friday, October 12, 2012

Ancient Somatic Prayer Pollution

If we accept the figural notion that language is the higher order recapitulation of bacterial autoinduction, which is a fairly easy parallel to draw given that autoinduction is an inborn ability in a variey of protist species, and that its "application" is primarily socio-constructive, then, we might also draw the parallel, that like autoinductive bacterial systems, our own, is prey to the same systemic shortcomings, namely interpretive forecasting, however, it stands to reason, that the difference in orders between autoinduction and language forwards forecasting to an unforeseen level of accuracy in our species, but at the same time, turns forecasting into a species of affect (ie political determinism) which has become FFE (far-from equilibrium) to the base ecology. The protist species in this case would seem to have an advantage; their more primitive system(s) stabilized at a lesser level of complexity creating an FFE buffer between their Umwelt (speciated environmental interface) and the general biome, something which our prodigal complexity has transgressed, and has thus endangered. Even among species of nominal socio-constructive complexity is the FFE buffer retained. This, our, special case, outside of ecological homeostasis places human consciousness into the contemporary category of what is commonly called a singularity. I disagree with this popular usage, and designate life itself as a singularity, although as a singularity capable of holarchic homeostasis. The type of designation I would prefer for humanity would be Alpha FFE, or rogue vectorling, or Alpha Rogue (beta). Space offers some chance of a hybrid homeolectical re-equilibrium, but only in the sense of a telos engaged with colonial expansion, and with a definition of our Rogue Vector as an "ambassadorial assemblage" for which the other species sacrificed themselves, which is inherently questionable. There is also the sense of constructive vortexts, parasitical structuralities as in meteorology. This seems the preferable model. We are then, like the red eye on Jupiter, a demonic sapience feeding from the energies around us, forwarding our structural imperative at all costs. Gnosticism is in fact our own irronic (Freudian slip) forethought.. It is not a Demiurge which made the earth, but in fact ourselves as its Demiurgic destroyer, our creators were more like a bardic band of country minstrels playing ragas (rasas) to the sunrise, ancient somatic prayer pollution is more like what we are, the wholly joyfoolish sweat-sweet palace of Diogenetischismatics..

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