Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Latte' Down the John, Mister...

muck donkey
muck hoe

and draped in fall's towering orange wig
like babylon the grasshopper

shagged out gardens
limp from the summer
the photon mummers

all feet upon the leaves
and streets vibrating
a manhole cover

and in Baiae where the oracle of death
once tubbed the seekers
in drugged waters
and Nero
had his villa

now bikini
is owl constant

owl constant
as muck donkey
and muck hoe

and draped in forty-five arcimboldo summers
riding spider lambs
through Bethlehem

this beastly hymn saunters

all animal
as if the motley gang in ecru denim
were about to commend
the dirty girl
her lemonade

but then
sensing ass on the air
hurriedly went back
to their wretched
lifeless banging

their whole life

a shovel
whose handle had been shaved

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