Friday, October 19, 2012

something for kenji and his coprolite teeth antennae

zombi sperm come out in ray but that's okay because a red hot mercury terminator vagina cyclops yaps DENTATA EXCELSIOR has a tongue boner pouring coffee LBMLBMLBMLBM use mescaline in your cream Malcom McDowell is made of black girls sewn together into a frankenstein orange, that's how i roll, rainbow cameo in a baroque caviar frame, when corpses sing they're sewn into our backs as radar packs, more monkey language for everyone, hogs with mohawk afros invade china on unicycles they have laptop clamshells showing princess leia doing the hula, baby jabba the hutts come out like a tongue from her vagina, jabba on the cobba, a buck-toothed grub enters a laptop earcanal protected by a forcefield of fermented latte' from mongolia- amoebas with frog shaped hooves grow radar in their penis zombi caviar robots, the all-father's cunnilingus cannot be frame captured by reindeer centipede nurses gargling either nipple candidate.. a mexican santa cellphone arrives riding a fitness instructor's securitized boner array with a sac of laptop chocolate amoeba teeth chatter scat skateboards to incan ghost candles doodling easter island earrings with touchscreen feeler palps. zombi sperm robots ask for collateral, but the damage is dumb, holographic cooties kiss nitrogen, bacterial tattoo batteries power my extruding nipple economy for for zombi shakespeare clones attacking in black girl armor, they use long torsos for whips, credit card throwing stars, and dildo numbchucks made by devil nuns in the bond market closed sundae passing frozen bananas anus to anus, that's email for elves stranded in papua new guinea, toenail tv screens show rolodex porno to chickens wearing leather sandals in Bermuda, zombi sperm rays assemble into halos doodling haikus of blood flavored pasta.. sleepy nicorette, i lay you in my mouth bed, thou art juandiced like a piss-stained poodlephone arcing to fish bandages that say silly things like fish penis paranoia burns a geek, geek radar destroyed by bingo salaryman with chicken costume couture.. i once fed David Bowie a chicken amoeba cellphone using new tax instruments grown hydroponically in an eyeball cloistered in milk and bone.. Isn't it funny when Frankenstein speaks arabic on mexican tv to a laptop nipplering worn by jabbba the hutt yodelling "Betsy" You'd think Yoda wrote the Quran underwater with bacon rubbed on squids.. there's zombi coral like billions of cellphones and laptops opening and shutting and scuba people taste like lemonade passed freely by the hulk inside the qa'aba.. how come Thomas Edison and Tesla are trapped inside a diving bell deep at the bottom of a salad? Looking for the golden city of windows? A golden apple? There's a vagina signal riding in a stagecoach cellphone practicing her Lithuanian for a Pope of Anal beads he shoots out zombi seed, Tesla's feces rides a bicycle towards Tokyo under glass.. There's caviar in your ass, called the Hagia Sofia by nuns fisting kentucky fried dojos with gangster lemons bearing luminous mescaline afro halos..

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