Monday, October 22, 2012

Hacking Your Own Education, A Red Minute That May Be Related to Minus

linking troubadors to breathwich am
now their hollow sea turtle signs
are crossed swords not unlike Iraq's
but who bothers with being right
where brain coral limns sovereign
democracy to a flower for skull pollen's
singing but

but / am
i say democracy
but really i mean ideology in general
as the bee is a robot's be
and am the apparent territory
a voice to lead the minds and hearts
o lord, they know not what they do

slum coral gordian
diogenes new to alexander
where hindoo hundoo wrangue
cold viruses point the way
to new cancer therapies

Oh Socrates take your hemlock fast
you are but a suitcase
so pack yourself fast
it's time to build hanging gardens again
inside the cell
and a tower
twittering archers:

"Be ready, Player One!"
of panthers and inkwells and storms
linking troubadors to breathwich am
now their hollow sea resounds

bargain edicts
accompany the slothful womb
Yeatsian Bayesians
to conjugate
an elder ohm
Saraswati bullish on Pasiphaë
the flutter of the checkered flag
the eye at Capo Colonne


its daidalogy
lost in the footnotes

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