Sunday, October 14, 2012

busking bed bug's bright barmy marbled blood

bomberg clock unison
leaf paddle the enlarged pumice reveal
spider golem the touch screen gem framed
loose metis overmounting
sundual for imagine
snakes with human brains
in a city built by sleepers
ferns with all the carefull granite stairways
sprays of numerals that green to
hollow spleen bells what saffron
honey could digest
its fangs are blunt caryatids
its soda clinging bomberg
split dance
bicycle multi dragon balloon
through the vast steel wire inclosure
feeling mob's red nous in seconds it...
it... it... it.. it...
for babies mouth's down its sides drool lubricant
human handless snake
imagine pulling emerald skeletons out of its foam trails
to lay in reader mandibles
gently touching the joints
its romance / clock
pinioning gesture
smooth oval cliff foot summon
as divers reach the omphalos of its churning omen
batty pioneer speech
the hung leathur laboring
bomberg rotswold
sundual glaor
leaf golem hedge wad rabelais in springing
impdecks dancing pumice hands pouring leaves
the backdoor closes
styless stylus
in the glabrous cooing oonionth

corn horse
hussied to the metalgo
kernalwomb its stereotalk
and pop out with clusters
of hovering paper lanterns

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