Monday, October 8, 2012

Sport Name

barely hovering, her bread and circuses remain
lead me, follow me, or get out of my way
sweet, star-naked indole clobberiousness

heel feathered supple to the window
its willing juggernaut loops
the wandering is wandered back into

for all fit higher plants
will rally to seasons' moods
Hokusai meets Basho near a strange tree

shizinen, language means
freedom and truth, a fat woman
carried cannon balls


the dog not yet fed when the dawn
irks the milky indigo
from the common soil of night

its common sight such commune
distinguishing various hands
working the mules before the geode's opening

hot sleep in the pedals
the wife enters the ruins of the satellite
fleecing pandas their touch of chess

mother knows best beast's patterns
are tree we face blooming
its limbs liminal inimical comical laconic

cypress tree in the garden
the Bodhidharma limicole
interests the biospeleologist


collage the gut with a sober muse
water-dwellers, and boats
linger unshaved near brile-vagiot-chadose

heavy lipped fasting
under a long wiper-bladed dune of moments
orbit its peculiar leap

the pneumatic system of malting
annexed to them a Rolls
a bread snake tarmacs the love-cramp

in the strange village, herpes
is required before Malthusian cottagers
their throats to Milton with butter

the region goes unconcealed
but covered in truth
it clarifies the thinking way

the voice says Basho
of a farting mule
Professor Tanabe's Nebenbau


bandits raid the pistil
in urea the dinctionary splits
April is of good quality

spare me your tired assertions
this nihilism gives more birth
old frog poem on my coffee cup

i let you we
we let you i
they letter letter narrow H

spending freely
hell's prompt husband
is gassed in attributes

a train is telling you
seashells lisp the missing years
tables in the rain


Heidegger said to Jesus
stop wearing my sweaters
just like I told the snakes

when grey milk stood up
from gemstone bathtubs
cats murmured Un Coup de Dés

praline rails re-amine loosely
Raymond towards the felt
a falcon flashes to the shallow pond

flickering always with fabulous balloons
or get trapped into their sex
softly in the airy open

for what reason did consciousness
come to earth
intestines swarming with ant swerves


traffic emerging from the light
and night composing substance

Aristotle tipped the cow
that iron wreck to tunnel
and somewhat rare, and bloody

giving them our two senses
then four more
then eight after to round it off squarely

bird this wave its musket preach
its birch cave and pick them off
their cold meandering suns clench and perch


one invaluable voice
the lurid fuel
for busted governors

kid's wit
and Noel Coward upon Jamaica
a hoary madman on behalf of the waves

that is just dumb
to pursue birdwatching or fowling
wearing only gemstones and birds' nests

buddha pest
are you hungary
give arms to the pore

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