Thursday, October 4, 2012

Recent Triremes

upon the massive tom tom in the rear
Japhy Ryder lays down much tibia
and like the whole blank mad ship (in the soup)
is a resonator
a p.h.'y writer sliding the long cool waters of phi
in the coil coiling coilingest est of gust

yes acid
yes base
yes Gus, you ear of everyman, this olden lust
the boat ship writer is a face
a face guitar
of much oaken Dodona
the rudder
an oracle
made from the xoanon

they said a spectral voice
lives in this rustic log
and that wooden ears hung in the tree
dripping honey
down into goat skin bootys

the lickerish meter
for in the sick silly film
the ancient world is the backdrop
for beatniks
slaves to the oval path

eyes of kohl
like math
gold leaf flaking off
and wafting as candle smoke
to the deliberation of roads
and characters

and the trust
of all its mighty outdoors

in beat logic
the dodo
wears a crazy
legionniare's helmet
and says

imagine Jennifer..

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