Monday, October 29, 2012

Scuba Bodice DJ

But that was the glory
of Gesar of Nasalthrone

In crotchless spherical
glass labyrinths of neon scuba
the minions of Gesar
would flare their nostril texts

pug dominatrix pulling
down all the face curtain
funky gling girl's warm up show
stay behind coach
stay behind coach
sky color all through ya
Jeezer of Naserbone
smooth chopstyx legs
of George Takei
space karate paint brushes
beam me up genghis
yellow mammoth skull in spring
its surface is facebook flowers

crotchless scuba
in neon glass death star
Farrah Faucet will surgery your
Nazalthorn, Geezeus

scuba skin torn on a glass thorn
let sharks try to defile this endless supply
of nasal dentata mongols
i pass salty butter like a squid of rubber nostrils
Narzel Geezubone
my sky-colored scuba bodice is erecting

crotchless scuba stage coach
into all mirrored labyrinth sphere=ling
funky gling me in space karate paint brush ponies

crotchless scuba space coach
smooth chopstyx legs
stay behind coach girls
stay behind stay fresh George Takei Genghis Geezerthrone

crotchless nasal breast arrays
neon dominatrix pug candle genghis
my neon vagina illuminates
this dark glass water filled death star
with only two ceramic foo dogs of air
like the breasts of a hunchbacked Genghis Takei Gesarbone

take heat in sky scuba flower brightness!


crotchless Farrah space ponies

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