Wednesday, October 24, 2012

i saw a pixel

i saw a pixel ] and thought
of a ferrari of cheese
inside an herbal capillary

i saw a pixel ] and said
hovering cave complex

i saw a pixel ] and turned
over a new pixel
i hide my goal orientation

i heard a pixel *
a blue skinned being
was making eyelashes

i heard a pixel *
extase! lace jumpsuit
and coonskin cap!

i heard a pixel *
a wishbone cracked
Aladdin is Allah's din?

i heard a pixel *
sentences are foaming
from a yellow pie

i dreamed a pixel ^
balloon snake medusa floats
watching green squid between cupcake asteroids

i dreamed a pixel ^
writing a letter in a cool blue shoe
over a blob of lava in space

i dreamed a pixel ^
like a pickle
but covered in canaries

i dreamed a pixel ^
being shot by soldiers
but it was just a hair tickling its shoulders

i saw a pixel &
the earth was its name
a shack upon a high cliff of games

i heard a pixel (
scream ERPO!
it didn't mean much

i dreamed a pixel @
it's face a basket
squinting, plush

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