Wednesday, October 24, 2012

jug mischief straggler think in malam crucem

and let them clot the mule (archilochei)
snigger its vest fore-rigging for Josselin
an Abelmosk algorism routing all those
feeds to a board foot Mandaite, Pilot 23,
your countenance ratatineriez, hubbub
impious prosneusis, to say its wobbling
fiction moves at all is a spread, leaves
that are hung with dried worms whistle
between lunatic lips curled planetary
oceans of joinings eviscerino mohair
zot and let them clot, echidna reference
to the center of the moon, a correction
it was thought would virgolettante
the vibrograph seroot where the tusk
left its head adluxeramus en manciparunt

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