Thursday, October 25, 2012

Le Tigre / Addams

After Allen Bramhall

years that pass sound like the tiny scampering feet of Morticia in her tube sock dress, Morgan Freeman reveals time is a holograph, or a snowflake at the end of time projecting backwards, and granular like white noise with gaps between the time pixels, Yonaguni time monument, computationalism, etc, i'm rumaging in the future again, finding old future postcards of the hermeneuticon, that herm-like machine government of the future, which combined reason and the hermeneutic in a quantum / genetic intelligence, a technological singularity we crowned governor / pasha / queen of the earth in 2199, we were scuba-diving on the moon by then, wearing hybrid q-dot lamprey helmets, getting closer to the holographic plate of time, cousin thing in bronze, the flag of earth a solid white field showing only +/- or a sine wave, I remember trying to write in the bedazzled singing city, Mitt looking more lost in the twang of the hiss, the nation state it was pointed out was a nihilism of romantic modernism unable to take up the cord of la serenissima, or was that just the babelfish coordination communal hysteria, Morticia scampers down the hall, but the lyre and the gazelle look to the calligraphy of the sun, and a lightning of ink to herd the electron, moon dive, full bodice ripping, heresy, hear say, ray seeds, time quantum hissotry hollow graph, Lurch lurks at the threshold..

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