Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ape With Pestle

Buy Joseph Joseph
Orb Mortar & mortar 
on your raw cod 
to make ground cod. 

Now go to Port 
Ape Atoll Map; 
Go to Ape Atoll bikini
and ask Awowogei 
about his favorite food

surf on a piskin
and piss in a churn
an irrational and 
transcendental constant 
representing the ratio 
of the intersyncumference 
of the elder circle 
to its mute diameter; 
to spill or mix 
printing type
boonville type

not the usual set of pilgrims:
on the flat floor lay the piss
the gasping emblem
its ape tending the needy void
image will nourish
all cowled in wonder
delirium our music
in cursed ecstasy
taunting this from the distant shores
say that stave is buried up
as far as it will go

I wear the cap
the ape with pestle
but such is the zeal
and frustration of the missing

Tanagra we fueled the beast logic
Joseph Joseph and golden ram
the breast of birds so deep
in the well then
pectoral feather strings our borders
these fence lyres allowing ghosts to pass
between the string teeth
meet computer 

tok pisin
talk pigeon
english: fish



Probably a joke about physicians
and then collect another nut
Perfect World Item Database - Elemental Pestle
Perfect World Monster Database - Ape Dryad

☆Heavenly Pestle, Monkey King Pill
Perfect World Item Database
Heavenly Pestle, Recipe -
Twilight Ray Items Required
saliva, and a filthy ape liver

Tchiki monkey nuts
or if this hold, I'll teach you
To come aloft, and do
tricks like an ape
of long Spanish silk hose...

Oh vissage, that mighty alchemy
is like a gong entering mysterious worlds
of derivatives upon which
brushes saunter
"and maintains itself"
in a strange fog (fod).

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