Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Deaf Stein House.

Sometimes a cigar is Japanese.

Theramin oni horn are always girl cigar.

音楽(一例): ART-SCHOOL BURGER NUDS COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS envy nemlino matryoshka My Dead Girlfriend People In The Box PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET Plastic Tree Syrup16g world's end girlfriend きのこ帝国 あとは秘密 海外勢も秘密 ◆好きなアニメ: Serial Experiments Lain STEINS;GATE イヴの時間 とらドラ! 天元突破グレンラガン 灰羽連盟 廻るピングドラム 錬金3級 まじかる?ぽか〜ん

always resting on the deep crimson fringe.

He said he asked Matoko to marry after only 5 minutes. She refused.
An enormous jellyfish of garbonzos.

I am Venetian lace, Monsoon Onsen, various fivers, clauses, and vapors.
Did you know that the word “Phoenix” appears 17 times in Shakespeare’s plays?


I drew this with the black end of my cigar. Matoko Stein.

Early profane and gypsy knot fur fuhror.
In this creamed sleeve, the vague admonition
that nothing enter by a neoclassic charm
nor leave exactly.

What are your poorest traits. I've shown you mine.

It isn't the animal I knew, but Boson Bogie will still take out the trache whenthe the trope ist pentheus.

I stole this image from Kasey Mohammad.

It's hard for me to resist the ascendance and laurelling of the classic meander rendered holos and ikon, as I am the original, the primal syntaxist in situ, but these guys are just lame skinheads, the true and divine fascism is Spacetime, and it will rock your ass off.

Look at that asshole in the background. I love you. We are time hobos.

Stein. Swimfin. My lemons in the sea turn only to Matisse.
and the blank omen of Gondwana.
 "If that's art, then I'm a Hottentot." 

I can bring home the bacon, tie you up and worship Pan.

With careful planning and study, I remained above ground for another season of humiliation.

I am the Golden Dawn. I am Alan Sondheim, the presence of the Earth.

Bubba Ho-tep was hear.

If my tear was as a solid grey brain plain ray, and the mystic chord which fumed my talisman
was the impetus for a great work
on the endless beaches of the beyond.
This peplum towards the molecular gloire.
The water inside the diamond.

Idea is yokai.

A further level of the secret. the Mystery of Piggly Wiggly.
made from the paper-cuts
of Matisse.

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