Monday, April 8, 2013

The Day Aristides the Just was Banished

over the lake
an inverted gyre of grackles
so that only a few at the top
initiate the spinning well
and the tabled plain at a distance
cruised or cursed like air
made visible under cinders borne
dissheathed of lines
an absolute divarication
within intelligence

without noose, or lynchet or landshard
to green its parting peal
be it a pommie zealed in agar
or a pushing remembrance
to reorientate

auld heal it

in the vast sunken prairie lens
a ring of rubbernecking sandbaggers
in the notches of a scarth
some mountain pass was here

but now only the lips are left
the elemental testa
the fruct of yawning shakes
funneled by leagues
to a Conniborrow

we panthers are but scree in a hue
and up its aquamanile blue
raked over talk of coals
and ostrakon

no evidence reveals
the actual results
of the voting
of the votives

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